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BlackboardVision – A simple waiting room display using a Raspberry Pi

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I am making this project for my dad, who has got a radiological practice and after a renovation needed a cheap and simple way of displaying content to the patients.
The project's core is a Raspberry Pi 2, running Debian. I set it up to boot into X11 automatically and autostart Openbox (a tiny and lightweight window manager).
Then a custom made C# program is started with Mono. The program is written in C# with GTK# and uses Mplayer2's socket capabilities for displaying content.
New content and software updates are downloaded to it via WiFi. The Pi provides a small Hotspot that you can access with any computer that has the password and connect via a client program, SSH, SFTP or VNC.
A nice thing is that the Pi can be shut down by pulling the cord, because the file system is mounted read only, making the SD not only last longer, but preventing file system corruption.

More on this topic will follow.